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Get a succinct roadmap to achieve your vision.


  • The Group will lead a process for stakeholders to collaboratively consider their desired purpose and future, and to articulate their most important beliefs.

  • We will draft clear statements that capture the unique essence of your organization.

other strategic planning services

  • The group will design a custom process to meet your needs.

full planning process

  • The Group will lead a process to identify your program’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and then facilitate discussions to help your stakeholders articulate their vision, goals and objectives.

  • We will draft clear statements that are responsive to stakeholder and leadership priorities, and identify opportunities to measure achievement. ​


"The 3Fold Group was an amazing partner in the review of our Centennial Conference mission, vision, and values. Their good work set a strong foundation for our strategic planning process. They were skillful in navigating our various groups of constituents and responding to our unique needs as a conference.  I would highly recommend their services for any organization."



Executive Director, Centennial Conference

"In order for organizations to grow, it is important to conduct the necessary exercises to reflect on where you were, where you are and where you are going. We selected the 3 Fold Group to walk us through this process and they did so mindfully and methodically. They challenged and pushed us to have the necessary conversations to ensure that our strategic plan truly supported the conference’s vision of the future. Our final product is one the entire membership is proud of and embraces."


Executive Director, New England Women's and Men's Athletic Conference

Expert Help for Intercollegiate Athletics and Other Higher Education Strategic Initiatives
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