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program review

Get thoughtful expertise on campus operations.


  • The Group will conduct an audit of your athletics operations, examining existing policies and stakeholder feedback about adherence to and communication of those policies.

  • We will generate a succinct list of program strengths and weaknesses, and provide specific recommendations for improvement.

enrollment processes

  • The Group will help you assess effectiveness of select athletics, enrollment, and financial aid policies and procedures with a focus on compliance systems, communications, and general operations.

sports sponsorship

  • The Group will help you evaluate current sport sponsorship, and establish criteria for adding and dropping sports.

other program review services

  • The Group will work with you to define a focus for the review based on the specific concerns noted by leadership and/or stakeholders.

department impact

  • The Group will help you identify the broad impact of athletics (and output of athletics staff).

  • We will draft succinct and data-driven speaking points to communicate this value to internal and external audiences.

gender equity

  • The 3 Fold Group will help you analyze participation opportunities and the overall experience provided for men’s and women’s sport programs, with a focus on NCAA Division III best practices for gender equity.

  • This review considers administrative best practices and is not a legal assessment of Title IX compliance.

organizational structure

  • The Group will help you evaluate the effectiveness of your department structure, and efficiency of resources use (performance v. expense).

  • We will identify opportunities to better align performance expectations and evaluations with department mission, vision and goals. 

Expert Help for Intercollegiate Athletics and Other Higher Education Strategic Initiatives
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