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meeting facilitation

Productively engage participants in collaborative meetings.

business and project meetings

  • The Group will help you develop meeting agendas and materials, prepare presenters, and design activities to help your group collaborate and accomplish specific objectives.

  • Special attention is given to ensure that meeting participants effectively prepare for the group discussion and follow up on relevant action items after the meeting.

  • We are available to facilitate your meeting on request.

other meeting facilitation services

  • The Group will help you identify meeting objectives and develop custom plans to meet your needs.

Constituent-Specific Professional Development

  • E.g. FARs, ADRs, SWAs, ADs, SAAC, Presidents).

  • The Group will help you define your event objectives and strategically plan content.

  • Special attention is given to event follow up and program evaluation. We are available to moderate or facilitate your event on request.

Expert Help for Intercollegiate Athletics and Other Higher Education Strategic Initiatives
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