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Enable people and programs to thrive while positioning intercollegiate athletics as a vital part of the comprehensive educational experience.



We deliver the highest quality of work, engaging a team of experts who balance thorough analysis with concise communication.


We cultivate broad and varied insights, engaging stakeholders with diverse perspectives and analyzing our work through multiple lenses.


We work closely and openly with clients, and strive to maximize stakeholder engagement in identifying both problems and solutions.


We design unique processes and solutions for each client and environment.

See What Drives Us

The 3 Fold Group was started in 2016 by Leah Kareti to bring strategic expertise to Division III athletics departments and conferences. Core services include meeting facilitation, program review, and strategic planning. 

The Group has first-hand experience building and improving programs at the campus, conference, and national levels. We have all supported student-athletes, athletics administrators, presidents, and other key groups in higher education. With this background, we help clients achieve engagement and consensus with their key stakeholders, from presidents through students.


While Division III and the co-curricular model of sports are the heart of the practice, our breadth of experience and thoughtful style of analysis translates well to other NCAA divisions, and mission-driven organizations outside of intercollegiate athletics.

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